Early Childhood Centre Visits


Zippity Zoo is available to bring the fun of the farm to you in the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Kapiti Coast, Horowhenua, Palmerston North and Whanganui area.


What region am I?


Time traveled


 Area Covered Cost (Inc GST) 1 session Cost 2 sessions same day (Inc GST



Otaki, Manakau, Levin




10 -30 mins

Levin to Foxton or Shannon

Foxton to Paekakariki, includingParaparaumu and Raumati




30 mins - 1 hour

Paekakariki to Porirua, inclding Plimmerton, Mana, Whitby, Cannons Creek, Aotea, Titahi Bay, Papakowhai 

Foxton to Sanson

Shannon to Palmerston North City




1 hour to 90 mins

South and East of Porirua e.g. Wellington North and South and CBD, Upper and Lower Hutt



4 more than 90 mins

Sanson to Whanganui City






Morning Session: Arrive 10am - depart 1200pm

Afternoon Session: Arrive 1pm - depart 3pm

Full Day: Arrive 10am - depart 3pm

We travel from Levin so often an earlier start time is not possible - unless you are in Horowhenua / kapiti area

Zippity Zoo is a mobile farm petting zoo where we bring the fun of farm animals to you.

Share the children's delight as they enjoy our mobile farm petting zoo. We bring a mixture of animals such as sheep/lambs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, miniature goats, and a miniature pony or donkey, in their own purpose built truck direct to your site. Everything is provided, and nothing is left behind! - you simply provide the location and the cameras 



Children, teachers and parents are able to experience a full interactive/fun session of touching, holding and feeding the animals. Watch and share their joy as they feed their first lamb (seasonal), touch their first pony, or discover where eggs come from! And just what do chickens have to do with Tyrannosaurus Rex??? 



Contact me to book your children's fun/learning session with us


 3animals sheep left

What happens during a Zippity Zoo visit ?

Zippity Zoo recommends that children have their morning tea while Farmer Bee sets up. This allows greater safety as Farmer Bee has to move in and out of gates and animals can settle prior to meeting children. Children can retain food scraps such as bread, banana skins and apple cores for extra special treats. 

 Kids acting the goat



A typical session involves the following;

  1. Chat with the children, combination of stories, song and dance relating to animals - their care, why we need them, unique characteristics of each animal visitor, and the oh so important safety messages.
  2. Feeding goats and sheep
  3. Walking amongst the animals, encourage to touch, smell and interact. The larger animals are tethered as this places less stress on them and the children - no-one feels chased. It also means the session is more controlled and at a quieter level of fun havoc and controlled mayhem. Children who are more cautious or anxious often start to approach the friendly animals as they begin to feel safe and gain confidence.
  4. Cuddle up with guinea pigs in their snugglesacs - this is when you have fabulous photo opportunities.
  5. I am happy to close the Zippity Zoo session by reading a story at mat time – provide the children's favourite animal book for me to read.

* We provide appropriate food (no nut residue) for the animals but feel free to keep some snack scraps such as apple cores, banana peels and bread for animal treats under my supervision and approval


Furby Cuddlescuddling guinea pig 

Interaction with our friendly farm animalsmeets and develops  curriculum standards of hygiene, sharing and co-operation, caring for animals, and respect. 


Possible topics for kindergartens and playcentres include:

  • Social development through knowledge and kindness to animals
  • Sharing and co-operation with others
  • Interactive listening and answering skills
  • Hygiene
  • Education


Some great stories about our visits

Visit http://blog.dawes.co.nz/?p=940  here is an extract from the Dawes Family blog " Bethany had three nights of dreams about the animals and she decided it was one of the best things to happen to her ever…that is what education is all about, aspirations, excitement and dreams." 

sharing and caring


The day Zippity Zoo came to Ngaio Playcentre


We had so much fun this day! Zippity Zoo was coming to visit, and we stood on the deck at the fence watching the animals come in: there was a goat, and a big lamb, and chickens, and a rabbit and guinea pigs! The goat did poos almost straight away…


We watched while Farmer Bee (her real name was Beverley but we called her Farmer Bee) set up the enclosures and tethers for the animals, and then we all sat down on the blankets – because first of all we had to celebrate a birthday! With cake of course, chocolate cake with ‘confetti’ on top. That was after we all sang our friend ‘Happy Birthday’ for being 2.


Then Farmer Bee came to talk to us, to tell us about the animals she’d brought. She told fabulous stories, about how the lamb Wiggles was born in a storm that scared away its mum and the farmer had to rescue it, and about how hens lay eggs. She showed us just how a chicken looks and sounds when it’s laying an egg, and we did a chicken dance with her.


She also taught us what to do if the animals did poos near us: we had to STOP, and look only with our eyes, and call out “Farmer Bee, Farmer Bee, POOS!” Then she would come and scoop it up with her super-duper pooper scooper.


Finally we went to meet the animals. It was great – they were there for us to visit with the whole time, outside on the lawn. We fed the goat Marty and the lamb Wiggles some of their treats, and fed the chickens Lucky Clucky and Crazy Maisy. We got to stroke Maisy, and the rabbit Cloudy. Some of us held Maisy, and lots of us cuddled a guinea pig for a while, and fed them carrots. One of the guinea pigs, Toby, was really big, and Farmer Bee told us he was a granddaddy. We fed the chickens too, their seed and grain treats, and then some of us gave the goat and lamb some long grass to eat. They were strong at pulling it, but we weren’t scared. Farmer Bee had lots of songs and stories about the animals: one was like ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ but it was Baa Baa White Sheep and it ended up about holes in your socks!


It was just fantastic meeting these animals – look at us all together in the pictures!

Yay for Zippity Zoo and Farmer Bee — 3 December 2008


Freddy at kindy

We hope this was enough information for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.