Farm Party Ideas

Some great farm theme ideas can be found on

Also visit for more ideas and cakes


On the back of each party invite you could add message. “ye all come to the “state entrance”. Zippity Farm Zoo is here till (state time Zippity Zoo finishes) so don't be late. Fun to be had, animals to feed, children eat after animals leave.” You may also want to add “NEIGHS ONLY” for the RSVP.

Click Here for a template birthday invitation. (file is in pdf format)

Other ideas for signs to signal where to find the party include “Neigh Neigh there's a party today!” and “Moo Moo Happy Birthday to you”


Hay bales
Stuffed animals
Red and white check table cloths, or sack cloth
Balloons - white with black marker splotches for cow spots


Drinks can be placed in galvanized buckets - these can be bought from the Warehouse store for about $10 each
Food can be placed in egg crates, brown bags
Shoestring chips could be called 'Hay for the day'
Birthday cake ideas are available contact me for recipes/pictures


Pin the tail on the donkey
Apple bob
'kick the can' Cans set on a fence - throw apples at them to tip them off the fence
Singing songs “old macDonald had a farm, or baa baa black sheep”
“Where did the chicken lay her egg?” game which is a treasure hunt - for eggs (perhaps real ones hard boiled with a number on that correlates to a prize or a kinder surprise egg - similar to an Easter hunt.